Years of Experience


Many companies turn to a large intellectual property law firm for their litigation needs. That can be, but is not always, the most prudent choice.

Large firms employ large numbers of lawyers who may have a wide range of backgrounds and experience. Obviously, when there is the need to produce a substantial amount of competent legal work in a very short time, having lots of lawyers may be necessary. But that does not mean that a large firm is the right choice in all cases. It all depends on the circumstances.

One thing can be said for certain: having a lot of lawyers does not equal better work or better results. Another certainty: large law firms charge large amounts for their lawyers time: often $400, $500, $600 or more per hour per attorney. That is why the attorneys= fees on each side of a typical patent infringement lawsuit often range from $500,000 to $2,000,000.

Often, comparable services can be obtained from a smaller firm but with better efficiency and value. And while you can expect to pay any law firm for the services rendered, smaller sized firms typically charge far less per hour.

Our litigation attorneys are experienced. All have seen the inside of a courtroom. We do not employ a high-priced team of junior associates to learn how to litigate on your dollar. We are willing and capable of taking any case to trial. However, our experience dictates that most issues in litigation can be resolved long before trial through appropriate planning and litigation strategy. In all cases, we work to obtain the best possible result, whether by settlement or legal judgment.